Tuesday, April 24, 2007

YOUTUBE & the Philippine election campaign ads

Philippine politics:left, right, and, center all campaign on YOUTUBE

As a journalist I take no sides and always try to balance out my reporting even on my blog ---- a story I did recently for a TV News organization abroad discussed the use of text, MMS, and video based web campaign technology in use this 2007 election here in the country.

It's value for money a PC some basic digital editing and a little bit of skill as good Internet connection and anyone can campaign on-line on various free video services like YOUTUBE, GOOGLE VIDEOS, and Yahoo videos - uploading and embedding the videos on blogs, Friendster, Myspace, and elsewhere those seeking political space on the world wide web.

It seems nearly all sides in this election have discovered cyberspace as free space for TVC material on youtube this election. Party list groups Gabriella and Kabataan are the web as well as Bayan Muna.



From the 'right wing', 'military reformist', or, 'rebel' ranks of Philippine politics both Sen. Gregorio Honasan Lt SG Trillianes both seeking senate seats are on the free space provided by YOUTUBE as well.

Gregorio 'Gringo' Honasan:

Antonio Trillanes

Meanwhile mainstream political ads are also out there... Here's a few:

Chiz Escudero has two spots on youtube both also on TV The Band version:

And the pro kids in school version:

On the administration front:

Migz Zubiri

The thinking voter Amigo ng Bayan version:

Chavit Singon

Who is he version:

I'll try to ad more as I find them if you know of more please do link them in comments- I wonder if we could a 'vote' on the best ads and version a lot of hard work goes into making these - sometimes - its done by the candidates themselves at other-times by Film makers ... Political ads are also a popular target for 'spoofs'

I wonder when we we will start seeing some these ads 'spoofed' anytime soon.

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