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SMS Text Scam alert: Brunei warns

The Borneo Bulletin put out a warning versus a text and email based scam that has been victimizing residents of the Sultanate in Northern Borneo where a charity sends a message seeking information and bank details to victims.

The person gets a message saying they won in a contest and upon response seeks details or a asks for small fee to be sent to cover bank transfer expenses.

But the key warning here is this charities’ usually ask or seek donations. Most do not engage in contests or give out money. There is an old rule that states no one that something too good to be true usually is just that not true!

[] …” Beware Of New Easy Money Scam
By Kartika Rahman Bandar Seri Begawan - A conman is on the prowl offering people big money for a small fee. The scam artist apparently calls random numbers and informs them that they have won $350,000 from an American Charity Foundation. After convincing the victim, he then asks for their account number, identity card details, and a tax fee of $500.The tax fee is then requested to be sent to the association’s account in the Philippines. The public is reminded to be wary of scams that promise easy money. – Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin …” []

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The capture by a patrol officer of a man sought for preaching about multiple marriages and what legally would be considered Pedophilia for underage marriages condoned by this sect of a US church group extremist group was caught where else but in Las Vegas!

[] ..." FBI's 'most wanted' polygamist arrested in US
Independent - By Andrew Buncombe in Washington. The leader of a notorious polygamist cult and one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives was behind bars last night after being pulled over in a routine stop by a patrol officer in Nevada. ..." []

Hiding out or passing through in America's marriage and divorce capital city in Nevada makes sense for a guy who preached having multiple wives- Sin City- after all is one of the few places where people don't really know much about the people who live near them and it is drifter capital where 34 million people pass through as tourists and it is one of the fastest growing cities in the American west.

It seems strange though that whenever a sex offender or child abductor is caught it often 'happens in Vegas' living there a few months back.

it was not rare to find many people sought in other states found in the cities motels and hotels.

Perhaps it is because of the south western city's semi frontier nature or because it one place where people rarely cares about who the neighbors are in the downtown areas.

But there is large number of people - who are it seems drawn to the place most of whom are sex offenders.

When I covered several cases of stories like this - it often seemed that the place is magnet for those types- mostly because it is something of rare place where it seems, anything goes.

People come and go and move about with little thought that that city is probably the hardest and worst places to hide. Most of 'the strip' and hotels and shopping malls are interlinked into a city wide series of public place camera's that have the best level of face recognition technology available.

If a fugitive takes plane into the city airport- before he can even get to a luggage area - his or her face will be on any number of cameras. On top of this there are also a number of rules and laws that require numerous forms of ID. Working in the city itself may seem an easy thing - it is for those seeking employment there are numerous jobs - but in a State with no income tax - except for federal taxes - the fees and permits require any number of forms to filled out - fingerprint checks and documents scanned.

Even just getting a state ID is a difficult process - three or four forms of ID are required. And it is one place where even a US passport is not good enough to get a local ID! So in fairness- Las Vegas may get a bad rep because it is where so many are caught- but- in hindsight- in other cities they might never be found - but in Vegas, where police stops and routine ID checks are common for anyone with out state license plates driving in areas away from the tourist zones. There is as one Police officer told me - a high chance for 'bad guys' to be grabbed than in any other American City.

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Global voices: whats up in the world?

I am not exactly overflowing with writing thought today and thought I’d just look around the globe and see what other bloggers were wrting anf thinking about to today and see what was - UP… across the globe of blogs.

Some are highly politcal and deal with issues across the globe to seek out to fight for fredom of speech rights -

[] … ” ——给金燕:我们时代的圣女 Jinyan, the Lady Saint of our Times

(more…) Kennedy …” []

Other blogs seem more on life and cultural issues that range across the marketplace of the ideas they track all across cyberspace and try and show all the things that range across the whole space of ideas out there really.

Many can be found here on the global voices project which tracks blogpaces many voices and offers a lot of views and topics and writers and authoros and issues and answers.

I cut and pasted just a few of the thousands of topics out there and it is something worth looking at… when that writers block hits its always good to see what else is out there. and hear voices from across the globe.

South Asia General, India, Arts & Culture

Autorickshaws in the sub-continent not only carry passengers, but social messages and mudflap art. A fascinating flickr set of mudflap art.

South Asia General, Pakistan, Travel

Shirazi on wonderful Pishin and fruits. “Until the middle of the 18 th century, when Quetta finally passed into the hands of Brahvi rulers, the history of Pishin is identical with the province of Kandahar. The earliest mention of Pishin is found in the ancient writing in which “Pishinorha” is described as a valley in an elevated part of the country and containing a barren level plain.”

Americas Guatemala, Human Rights

Patrick of the Guatemala Solidarity Network gathers local reaction to “heavy handed G uatemalan army activity in Ixcan.
Americas Bolivia, Internet & Telecoms, Technology

According to Choloblog (ES) the Windows operating system will be known as “T’uqu”, pressing “Kichana” will open a window and “Wuiskana” will close it. “KAH-lyah-ree”, meanwhile, is the phonetic pronunciation of the word which replaces “Start” in Windows’ familiar taskbar, says Prairie Weather. According to Global by Design and Eduardo Arcos Bolivian President Evo Morales will make an announcement with Microsoft officials in Sucre today that the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office software have been localized in Quechua, an indigenous language spoken by some 10 million Andean residents. Jimmy Granado, however, takes a much more critical look at the announcement, questioning Evo Morales’ support of Microsoft over free and open source alternatives like Linux (ES): “I thought that Evo wold follow the steps of Hugo Chavez. Since, if you didn’t know, in Venezuela the government uses Free Software, just like Brazil.” Finally, Newley Purnell takes a look at Google Quechua.

Americas , Western Europe Ideas, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Arts & Culture, Literature

Geoffrey Philp extends birthday greetings to Britain-based Jamaican dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson: “He became only the second living poet to be published in the Penguin Classics series. His poetry involves the recitation of his own verse in Jamaican Creole over dub-reggae, usually written in collaboration with renowned British reggae producer/artist Dennis Bovell.

Americas , Western Europe
Guyana, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, St.Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, U.S.A., United Kingdom, Montserrat, Arts & Culture, Diaspora

. . . it’s interesting how these festivals have echoed, in a small way, the evolution of their original model in Trinidad, as a vehicle of solidarity, an assertion of identity, a gesture of defiance in a hostile environment,” says Jeremy Taylor, writing about the Carnivals “exported” by the Caribbean to the likes of London and New York.

Philippine Oil Spill: National level Calamity declared

President Arroyo’s order is more than just a formality that most diasters require for the release of funds to handle natural disasters. It also brings the level of responce up to treaty level and allows more direct international participation in the clean-up.

[]…” Arroyo declares oil spill calamity President Arroyo on Friday declared the oil spill in Guimaras a national calamity as the slick spread rapidly and threatened some of the country’s richest fishing grounds.Mrs. Arroyo, who made the declaration during the 18th National Convention of the National Prosecutors’ Week in Cebu, said the oil disaster in Guimaras demands the cooperation and solidarity of all Filipinos. “I call upon Petron and the ship owner to immediately clean up the mess and the Task Force Guimaras and Coast Guard Admiral Arthur Gosingan to attend to environmental and health issues,” she said. …” [] ABS-CBNNEWSonline

I do not know which PR agency is advising the Petron people what to say when they appear on TV- one man in particular yesterday was talking about -”product recovery” The insensitive nature of the comment and term might lead some to believe there is more concern over product- than people the environment and safety.

But then again had the concern been with true product integrity - delivery of product to destination in the most safe & secure manner to an end user i wouldn’t even be writing this blog and those people sick and in hospital and the man who died and hundred imillion peso partail clean up bill not needed?

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A rare travel adivory from the South Korean gov't has some wondering as to why it was issuesd on the source of the threat information.
Korea is normally very careful in any such advisory - not like many other countries - who issue these things on mere rumor.
But this is worth looking into- even if to see what the base line information for this came from.

Korea Issues travel warning: Philippines & Indonesia

mikeinmanila wrote 1 day ago: The Government of the single largest group of Asian tourists of late to stream to these islands, Korea has issued … more »

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Syracuse 7th grade view of EDSA '86

The story is one many of us here in Manila know all too well- and perhaps- something we rarely get to see for its impact it had around the world. These Middle School students put this toether on their own in a very clear and well laid out presentation - for Jr High School group of kids they did a job many in Media would have to say - well done if onyl for the way it was edited put together and voiced.
Although the story is little thin in its overall depth of actual events that happened - you have to give these kids credit for putting the whole thing togther as well as they did.
A lot if it is based on video from the made for TV movie a 'dangerous life'... and other news clips.
This is a documentary project on the 1986 Philippines EDSA Revolution, written, composed and edited by three 7th grade students from Syracuse, New York, for the Junior Group Documentary category of National History Day 2006. This documentary took first place at the regional level, second place at the New York state level, and narrowly missed becoming one of the top 12 finalists in the National History Day competition held from June 11-15, 2006 at the University of Maryland. This documentary also commemorates the 20th anniversary of the 1986 EDSA Revolution that restored democracy in the Philippines after 20 years of martial law. This documentary gratefully acknowledges the not-for-profit fair use of copyrighted video and graphical material from various sources listed in the end credits.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Remembering .. Aug 21,... 23 years after...

Has it been that long since that day when it happened? Somehow I only noticed the date when I looked at a article was writing a client. Then I asked myself- how many years since... that day... many seem to remember it now only as moment of history.
A moment in time - others like with many eventful dates in other parts of the world ask people they know where were we then? Or did you remember when you got the news? It has indeed been a long time - a lot of years and other events have happened.

Yes, I was here in Manila then- on high school vacation from my classes in the states and about to head back. That day and in days that followed I grew up. We did a lot of things I found new and strange then, we made and sent clippings of news from the states, clippings of what occurred, We stayed up late to watch watch thingd like when ABC's Ted Koppel interviewed Marcos on nightline.

We kept up on events and what had happened. I remember I even kept the numbers of groups like Amnesty International and those who cared about human rights cases handy- just in case. We had relatives back here then and always were worried about if and what roles they had - and what to do if anything untoward happened to them too.

Looking back now from my perspective and chosen path and career as journalist, to the day - While we did hear the news from people we knew, a cousin who had just flown in had been at the airport- he had heard the shooting; nothing else was available on TV or in Newspapers for couple of days afterwards. I didnt see this image til we got back to California.

I remember that afternoon we went to green hills after some phone calls;

I remember people panic buying and stocking up on things, the not knowing, the brownout, the news blackout- the noise and protests. In the next couple of days I remember seeing people going out - men - women - teens many older than I was some younger. Speaking in hushed tones about this and that- not wanting anyone to listen. About people speaking in riddles on the phone, fearing the lines were tapped.

So different now, so much has changed - it has been a generation - it marked me mine and ours who passed through it - as other have been marked by other miles stones in history. Sad as this one was it did unite people - for better or worse and change did happen. Sacrifice inspired many to make their stand their fights their goals and dreams come forward. Yes- it has been a long time - it has been not forgotten nor I hope the memories good and bad of a time when people did not stand alone and worked together united for a change.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF): ‘Philippines 9 dead in Dengue epidemic?’

August 20th, 2006t

Reports from the wire services seem to say something we have NOT heard pronounced yet in the official circles about an epidemic.- there have been epidemics in the past.

Dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF), a potentially lethal complication, was first recognized in the 1950s during the dengue epidemics in the Philippines and Thailand, but today DHF affects most Asian countries and has become a leading cause of hospitalisation and death among children in several of them. “ -WHO


- Dengue haemorrhagic fever: diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control
Information on dengue, including a list of those countries where outbreaks have occurred
- Dengue

People I work with; and those I know have had several cases reported in many schools around metro manila - and elsewhere - some have also had these cases heard of in large numbers in Malabon and Pangasinan yet there seems to be no major effort to raise an alarm.

More so say experts because the best thing here is for people not to panic - Dengue is curable if caught in time - but it is not something to be taken lightly.

[] …” Pangasinan dismisses dengue fears
ABS CBN News, Philippines -Health officials in Pangasinan have allayed fears of a dengue outbreak after at least nine people died of dengue in the last six weeks, ANC reported Sunday. ... ” []

[] …” Dengue epidemic kills 9 in Philippines
People's Daily Online, China -At least nine people were killed by a dengue epidemic in the province of Pangasinan 150 kilometers north of Manila in the past six weeks, the Philippine News ” []

While Government seems to be taking the issue as part of the usual season of dengue - it is after all endemic to the country - what is it ? Why is there not so many worries? Well medical reports do clearly show that if tested properly and taken care of at first notice the survival rate is high - with less than 1% resulting in death. But, that is the key- early detection - survival rate is 80 per cent if not taken into consideration and treated at home. the bottom line is those who are more affected are those people who in the danger group.

The world health organization has extensive information on the disease - and also the information that all parents should be aware of or those who have senior citizens in their homes since the two elderly and very young are the most susceptible to the disease.


Dengue fever is a severe, flu-like illness that affects infants, young children and adults, but seldom causes death.

The clinical features of dengue fever vary according to the age of the patient. Infants and young children may have a non-specific febrile illness with rash. Older children and adults may have either a mild febrile syndrome or the classical incapacitating disease with abrupt onset and high fever, severe headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pains, and rash.

Dengue haemorrhagic fever is a potentially deadly complication that is characterized by high fever, haemorrhagic phenomena–often with enlargement of the liver–and in severe cases, circulatory failure. The illness commonly begins with a sudden rise in temperature accompanied by facial flush and other non-specific constitutional symptoms of dengue fever. The fever usually continues for two to seven days and can be as high as 40-41°C, possibly with febrile convulsions and haemorrhagic phenomena.

In moderate DHF cases, all signs and symptoms abate after the fever subsides. In severe cases, the patient’s condition may suddenly deteriorate after a few days of fever; the temperature drops, followed by signs of circulatory failure, and the patient may rapidly go into a critical state of shock and die within 12-24 hours, or quickly recover following appropriate volume replacement therapy.


There is no specific treatment for dengue fever. However, careful clinical management by experienced physicians and nurses frequently saves the lives of DHF patients. With appropriate intensive supportive therapy, mortality may be reduced to less than 1%. Maintenance of the circulating fluid volume is the central feature of DHF case management.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Help Lebanon:Manila aid group for OFW’s & Lebanese

Help Lebanon:Manila based aid group for OFW’s & Lebanese

At a meeting held in Manila’s Makati district groups of Filipino & Expat organizations are working together to seek out ways they can Helpl

The goal is to find ways to assist people in Lebanon by doing their part to make themselves available for those people in need. It’s not Politics, here or there.

But just people trying to help those both from there and here and families they worked for… Or companies that provided lively-hood to thirty thousand filipino’s get back on their feet.

In so many disasters here in the Philippines I have covered - both the man made and natural kind - people in places in Lebanon and the middle east did their part by making donations to the red cross and red crescent to assist people in the Philippines in their time of need - so now this group says it is time for them in their own way to their part. As those who can in some way or service or kind do their part to help people there regardless of ideology or faith or political color rebuild their lives after this war that has brought so much of the tragic things that Wars brings - they hope to do their part as well.

MikeinManila gives it’s space- to this and re-posts here the link and ways to reach this group.

God Bless all…



Honorary Consulate of Lebanon, Manila

Philippine National
Red Cross

With the assistance of
International SOS

IConnect Inc.

Lebanon: saving lives and restoring human dignity

The ongoing conflict in Lebanon is a human catastrophe with hundreds of civilians reported dead, thousands injured and hundreds of thousands displaced. The Lebanese Red Cross Society, through the efforts of its volunteers and with the full support of the ICRC, continues to help the most vulnerable. A report from the ICRC’s Marko Kokic and Ayad Al Mounzer of the Lebanese Red Cross.

A long prayer rings out through loudspeakers across the centre of Beirut. The sombre tone is in keeping with the city’s mood. Streets normally packed with people and traffic remain quiet. Many shops are closed. In the few that remain open, televisions bring today’s news of another day of fighting, another day of horror.

Images of dead and injured civilians caught in the crossfire and the heroic efforts of Lebanese Red Cross paramedics feature on the news bulletins every day. First on the scene, volunteer paramedics rescue the living and recover the dead. Their work is fraught with peril, with only the Red Cross emblem to protect them.

A recent incident proved just how dangerous their work can be. A rocket tore through the roof of an ambulance transporting the injured. It blew a melon-sized hole through the centre of the Red Cross emblem on top of the ambulance. Paramedics suffered minor wounds but a patient lost his leg in the incident.

Red Cross paramedics transport the seriously injured to Beirut’s hospitals. Thousands of civilians have already been wounded. One of them is nine-year old Samah Chihab who is recovering in Beirut Governmental University Hospital. A bomb cut her down as she played in front of her house in the town of Tyre.

The hospital is modern and well equipped but understaffed.

“We have received medical supplies, but no direct medical assistance,” explains Assistant General Manager, Bilal Masri, “Right now we are working at thirty percent of our capacity in terms of human resources because staff have been unable to reach the hospital”.

Many people have already fled raging battles in the south while others remain trapped. Leaving can be as dangerous as staying. Bombed cars litter the road leading south. Some still contain bodies but the security situation in many areas is still too dangerous for Red Cross volunteers to recover them.

An estimated million civilians have been displaced, many taking shelter in schools and other public buildings. Hassan Mohammed Abadi and his family are camped out in a school on Mount Lebanon near Beirut. They arrived only days ago from their southern village of Yatir where they remained amidst the fighting for almost two weeks. When it became unbearable they took a chance and fled, taking only what they could carry.

For those who are seeking to *restore* *contact* *with family members* who may have been impacted by the conflict, please click *HERE *to go to the International Committee of the Red Cross special web site called Family Links.

If you are reading this in a country other than the Philippines and wish to contribute to this effort, kindly contact the RED CROSS or RED CRESCENT society in you country of residence. For a complete list of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies throughout the world, please click *HERE*.

All donations are handled by the Philippine National Red Cross and are coursed
through the International Committee of the Red Cross to the Red Cross in Lebanon.
Donations are used solely by the Red Cross for humanitarian purposes.

For details on how you can HELP LEBANON!,
call the HELP LEBANON! HOTLINE at +632-6334060.
The HELP LEBANON! HOTLINE is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Oil Spill threatens Guimeras maritime and tourism

Described in a UN issued alert as the Philippines largest oil spill in several decades the oil spill now covers some 15 square kilometers near Guimeras province:

[] MANILA, Aug 14 (Reuters) - The Philippines rushed ships and equipment on Monday to the seas surrounding the central island of Guimaras to stop the country's potentially largest oil spill from spreading to other coastal areas. The Philippine Coast Guard said it had sent two ships to search for two missing crew and help in the clean up of bunker oil that leaked from a tanker which sank near Guimaras on Friday. "Based on an aerial survey yesterday, the spill now covers 15 square nautical miles," Lieutenant Joseph Coyme, Coast Guard spokesman, told Reuters. "If we consider that all 2 million litres of bunker oil spilt, then this would be the largest oil spill in the country," he added. []
Reports are still coming in from the area surrounding the province and also nearby areas to

Thirsty commute: No liquids in ships, planes, trains!

It may be a ‘Dry Commute’ for many used to chugging down a fruit drink or coke or Latte en-route to work or on the way home for next few days and weeks as reports say for the time being no fluids or liquids will be allowed on planes, trains, and ships in the country.

If the extent of this kind of situation makes one wonder if somebody will install- machines that vend- not only Safe drinking water and other things but also - 'BOMB SAFE' drinks will be put into place.

Considering there is little room anyway during commute times on the MRT and LRT I understand. On planes - well they are supposed to provide drinks- at least water anyhow- ships? well that might be a little harder to enforce for the coast guard and PPA - keep in mind that there are already bomb checks, dogs, and pat down searches in place at most points of transit in the Philippines anyhow.

But as I posted in another blog the 'all spin zone' - anything to make people safe is ok.

Philippines bans liquids on ferries, trains and buses
People's Daily Online, China - 1 hour ago
The Philippine government banned on Monday passengers from brining liquids inside ferries, trains and buses, after liquids were banned from airplanes last ...
UK-triggered alert spreads to MRT, LRT

So we will wait and see what the situation will bring as we look at the overall picture of the NO DRINKS POLICY goes into effect. Yes- there have been many instances where people often do not understand that a lot of the attempts by these groups to sow terror in any form they can are indeed backed by real hard facts.

The facts are that this place we all call home - Metro Manila - and the Philippines has in the past been used as a testing ground for those who wish to carry out attacks and techniques elsewhere.

What is good for world to know is also the same places that serve as a lab for terror are also turning out to be places where solutions for peace are being worked out.

The more people understand that there is no need to use those bombs and attacks and kidnappings to get their way.

And instead fight for their rights using peaceful means to address grievances over differences of opinion then there is less and less need for violence.

Til then there is still a need for vigilance…. So drop that Coke or Pepsi in a trash can – or pass on the Figaro takeout or forget that bottle of Wilkins – hopefully soon – some way will be found to deal with this threat soon- until then its going to be ‘dry’ on the commuter routes – perhaps the water and soft drink companies can get concessions’ inside or even better – drinking fountains can be put up at the train stations, airports, and ferry piers?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Report says JI-ASG: beheads kidnap victim

Report says JI-ASG: beheads kidnap victim

August 12th, 2006

A report by the Zamboanga based journal says that the military says that one of two kidnap victims has reportedly been beheaded in Jolo, Sulu. This comes in the wake of claims by the Military of having been able to foil attacks and amidst heightened security after a on-going operation versus rebels in the area of Indanan and patikul towns in Sulu.

[] ” … Sayyaf Hostage Is Beheaded In Jolo Island

Filed under: — zamboangajournal @

ZAMBOANGA CITY (Zamboanga Journal / 12 Aug) Suspected Abu Sayyaf militants beheaded one of their two kidnapped victims in Jolo island, about 950 km south of Manila, where security forces were battling the terrorist group tied to the Indonesian Jemaah Islamiya network, officials said Saturday. …” []

The report comes on the heels of statements from the Government of having foiled attacks being planned by the joint JI and Abu sayyaf group in the area - perhaps to have been timed with the attempts to sow terror on flights over the Atlantic?

[] ” …. NSA chief warns nation of Islamic ‘sympathy attacks’ 8/12/2006 1:33:39 AM … ‘ [] ABS-CBN

There are often times a failure by some to see the true global picture of many of the attacks of these groups are so close in when they happen - take Madrid bombings for example - then the superferry 14 bombing then at the same time a series of attacks in Iraq and a few in Thailand. All often with-in a 48 hour to a week long period. A day ago there was a set of bomb attacks in Kidapawan and clash with police in a area near Cotabato. The situation makes it not hard to see that global netowrks are at times coincidence filled in timing or more of regualr pattern of each group doing something to show they are still around.

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Bojinka: Liquid bomb plot over Atlantic part of old Al Qaeda plan…

This aborted plot in the UK - to place bombs aboard airliners - seems so much like the Oplan Bojinka plot the Philippine National Police recovered from a Apartment on Quirino Ave. in Manila about ten years ago.

the stuff recovered from the rent apartment on the top floor of the Dona Josefa at 711 Quirino Ave, Manila. It was here where Kallihd Shiek Mohamad and Ramsey Yousef were ploting to a number of attacks from Manila and Asia.

They had plan the reports say way back when to place bombs and or hijack flights to the USA. The Bomb plot called for the planes to be exploded over the Pacific while other planes would be crashed into buildings. It was recevered from a PC and some documents found in the apartment which had a fire in mid or early January of 1995 - the group had several plots going then. They also used a bomb at the greenbelt theater in Makati- They actually used one Bomb on a flight bound for Japan from the Philippines.

[]… On December 11, 1994, Yousef built another bomb, which had one tenth of the power that his final bombs were planned to have, in the lavatory of the aircraft and left it inside the life jacket under his seat, 26K, after he got off the plane from a flight that arrived in Cebu. Yousef had boarded the flight under the assumed name of Armaldo Forlani, using a false Italian passport. The aircraft was Philippine Airlines Flight 434 using that aircraft on a Manila to Narita route. Yousef had set the timer for four hours after he got off the aircraft. The bomb exploded while the aircraft was over Minami Daito Island, near Okinawa, Japan. A Japanese businessman named Haruki Ikegami was killed after the bomb detonated. The Boeing 747-200 safely made an emergency landing in Naha, Okinawa. None of the aircraft’s other 272 passengers or any members of the crew were killed, although 10 passengers in front of Ikegami were injured. … []

The plot was uncovered versus numerous flights across the pacific - when a fire broke out at the apartment - and one of the confessed conspirators; Abdul Hakim Murad went to the apartment to attempt to recover some of the items left there.

Murad - was the key to the Philippine National Police investigation- which led to capture of Yousef in Pakistan - Murad tried to walk into the apartment and take away the papers and computer and discs, but a quick thiniking police woman then - arrested him- it was the worlds first real view of Al Qaeda’s - its beginings.

there is an extensive entry on the original plot here - amazing how much was learned so early on - more than 11 years ago… about these types of plans.

More on the UK uncovered plot:

USA picked up suspects’ chatter and shared…
PAPER: Biggest anti-terrorist surveillance operation ever mounted in the UK…
Three Alleged Ringleaders ID’d…
UPDATE: Police hold 24…
Explosive Gel Was to Be Concealed in Sports Drink…
US plans to expand airport security measures…

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Mayon Volcano Evacuation: 30,000+ flee imminent eruption

Mayon Breaking News Update
Reports continue to pour in about Ash Explosions, Tremors, and other sigins of a possible major eruption of the Mayon Volacano in Albay Province.

If a major eurption occurs the effects may be felt in the form of Earthquakes and Ash cloads that might reach nearby areas and even more parts of the Bicol Region.

the Quote of the day has to be - “… ‘Mayon is ready to burst’ - PHIVOLCS Director Renato Solidum.”

[]… ” 34,000 flee imminent Mayon eruption LEGAZPI CITY - Tens of thousands of people were being moved out of their homes in Albay province on Monday in the face of an imminent eruption of the rumbling Mayon volcano, officials said. AFP 8/7/2006 1:22:44 PM ” ….[]

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Mayon Volcano: Alert level 4 raised imminent eruption

August 7th, 2006

20,000 people have been evacuated from the areas surrounding Mayon Volcano in the Philippines fears of a major eruption in days or hours has been raised as Government moves quicky to move people away from the Active volcano after a series of major Ash Explosions Monday Morning in Manila.

Mayon Volcano Bulletin

07 August 2006

8:00 AM (+8GMT)


This announcement advises all concerned that PHIVOLCS is now raising the alert status of Mayon Volcano (13.2576°N, 123.6856°E) to ALERT LEVEL 4. This means that a hazardous explosive eruption is imminent and the effects of such an eruption could severely impact certain areas around Mayon.

To prevent undue harm to the public, an EXTENDED DANGER ZONE (EDZ), defined as an area within Eight (8) kilometers from the summit crater located in the southern sector, is now recommended. The following localities are included in the EDZ:

  1. Barangays Anoling and downstream areas including Tinuburan, Sua, Upper Quirangay, Salugan, and Upper Cabangan of Camalig Municipality,

  1. Barangays Miisi and areas to its south including Budiao, Matnog and Bañadero of Daraga Municipality; Mabinit, Bonga, Matanag, and Buyuan of Legaspi City.

At other portions around Mayon, the following areas, within Seven (7) kilometers of the crater, should be evacuated:

  1. Barangay Baligang, of Ligao.
  2. Barangays Bonot, Magapo, Oson part of Buhian and Comon of Tabaco Municipality,
  3. Barangays Canaway, Calbayog and part of San Roque of Malilipot Municipality,
  4. Barangays Lidong, Fidel Surtida, San Isidro, Sta. Misericordia, and San Antonio of Sto. Domingo Municipality.

Areas just outside of these Barangays should prepare for evacuation in the event explosive eruptions intensify. Notice to evacuate shall be recommended by PHIVOLCS for implementation according to PDCC’s action plans.


Volcano Activy report from Philippine Government PHILVOLCS


Philippines fears imminent eruption at volcano, UK - Mayon volcano in the central Philippines has been spewing lava and boulders the size of cars since last month, leaving a bubbling, pyrotechnic trail more than
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Israel-Hizbollah War: UN back to the drawing board.

It’s back to the drawing board for peace negotiations - blasts and attacks in the war in lebanon continues to spiral out of control and reaches to new levels.

Hezbollah Saturday and Sunday rained down on Northern Israel it’s “Deadliest barrage of rockets into northern Israel on Sunday, ” per reports I’m watching the attacks continue on Haifa and new attacks by Israel in rare daylight raid today smashed parts of south Lebanon and South Beirut.

Haifa View:

As some news networks covering this still refer to this as crisis, or a situation, or a conflict this is by all definitions - WAR - the worlds leading non-government think tank online database puts Lebanon on its page as ‘War’

  • Op Change of Direction Chronology
  • Combatants

    War in Lebanon -

    War is a conflict involving the organized use of weapons and physical force by states or other large-scale groups. Warring parties usually hold territory, which they can win or lose; and each has a leading person or organization which can surrender, or collapse, thus ending the war.

    This can no longer be-considered a crisis, hostilities, clashes, what we see now is open warfare - any effort to attempts a cease fire after today’s level of exchange in some places - 1,000’s 155mm artillery shells hundreds of bombs from Israel while Hezbollah has sent in more than 2,500 rockets and missiles in 3 weeks.


    The house to house fighting the cross border attack into Israel which started the conflict. the retaliatory attack by Israel versus Hezbollah’s go beyond normal crisis and clashes level. Israel also staging an airstrike while the head of the arab league was in Beirut shows the situation’s level of attack prowess.

    The Newsweek overview on Hezbollah’s of course focuses attention on the Lebanese group backed by others in the region and its long history of warfare in Lebanon - but also touches on its regional and ties across the seas.

    There is in this group something more well known to the US who after a series of attacks in Beirut forced US marines to withdraw from Lebanon along with others to forces from Europe.

    Hizbullah: In Lebanon … and America

    Nasrallah’s Men Inside America

    Shimon Peres: What Israel Aims to Archieve



    Hizbullah: Inside Lebanon & the U.S.

    Guests: NEWSWEEK’s Christopher Dickey, Michael Isikoff.

    Audio Clip | Complete Show | Podcast