Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The capture by a patrol officer of a man sought for preaching about multiple marriages and what legally would be considered Pedophilia for underage marriages condoned by this sect of a US church group extremist group was caught where else but in Las Vegas!

[] ..." FBI's 'most wanted' polygamist arrested in US
Independent - By Andrew Buncombe in Washington. The leader of a notorious polygamist cult and one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives was behind bars last night after being pulled over in a routine stop by a patrol officer in Nevada. ..." []

Hiding out or passing through in America's marriage and divorce capital city in Nevada makes sense for a guy who preached having multiple wives- Sin City- after all is one of the few places where people don't really know much about the people who live near them and it is drifter capital where 34 million people pass through as tourists and it is one of the fastest growing cities in the American west.

It seems strange though that whenever a sex offender or child abductor is caught it often 'happens in Vegas' living there a few months back.

it was not rare to find many people sought in other states found in the cities motels and hotels.

Perhaps it is because of the south western city's semi frontier nature or because it one place where people rarely cares about who the neighbors are in the downtown areas.

But there is large number of people - who are it seems drawn to the place most of whom are sex offenders.

When I covered several cases of stories like this - it often seemed that the place is magnet for those types- mostly because it is something of rare place where it seems, anything goes.

People come and go and move about with little thought that that city is probably the hardest and worst places to hide. Most of 'the strip' and hotels and shopping malls are interlinked into a city wide series of public place camera's that have the best level of face recognition technology available.

If a fugitive takes plane into the city airport- before he can even get to a luggage area - his or her face will be on any number of cameras. On top of this there are also a number of rules and laws that require numerous forms of ID. Working in the city itself may seem an easy thing - it is for those seeking employment there are numerous jobs - but in a State with no income tax - except for federal taxes - the fees and permits require any number of forms to filled out - fingerprint checks and documents scanned.

Even just getting a state ID is a difficult process - three or four forms of ID are required. And it is one place where even a US passport is not good enough to get a local ID! So in fairness- Las Vegas may get a bad rep because it is where so many are caught- but- in hindsight- in other cities they might never be found - but in Vegas, where police stops and routine ID checks are common for anyone with out state license plates driving in areas away from the tourist zones. There is as one Police officer told me - a high chance for 'bad guys' to be grabbed than in any other American City.

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