Monday, August 14, 2006

Thirsty commute: No liquids in ships, planes, trains!

It may be a ‘Dry Commute’ for many used to chugging down a fruit drink or coke or Latte en-route to work or on the way home for next few days and weeks as reports say for the time being no fluids or liquids will be allowed on planes, trains, and ships in the country.

If the extent of this kind of situation makes one wonder if somebody will install- machines that vend- not only Safe drinking water and other things but also - 'BOMB SAFE' drinks will be put into place.

Considering there is little room anyway during commute times on the MRT and LRT I understand. On planes - well they are supposed to provide drinks- at least water anyhow- ships? well that might be a little harder to enforce for the coast guard and PPA - keep in mind that there are already bomb checks, dogs, and pat down searches in place at most points of transit in the Philippines anyhow.

But as I posted in another blog the 'all spin zone' - anything to make people safe is ok.

Philippines bans liquids on ferries, trains and buses
People's Daily Online, China - 1 hour ago
The Philippine government banned on Monday passengers from brining liquids inside ferries, trains and buses, after liquids were banned from airplanes last ...
UK-triggered alert spreads to MRT, LRT

So we will wait and see what the situation will bring as we look at the overall picture of the NO DRINKS POLICY goes into effect. Yes- there have been many instances where people often do not understand that a lot of the attempts by these groups to sow terror in any form they can are indeed backed by real hard facts.

The facts are that this place we all call home - Metro Manila - and the Philippines has in the past been used as a testing ground for those who wish to carry out attacks and techniques elsewhere.

What is good for world to know is also the same places that serve as a lab for terror are also turning out to be places where solutions for peace are being worked out.

The more people understand that there is no need to use those bombs and attacks and kidnappings to get their way.

And instead fight for their rights using peaceful means to address grievances over differences of opinion then there is less and less need for violence.

Til then there is still a need for vigilance…. So drop that Coke or Pepsi in a trash can – or pass on the Figaro takeout or forget that bottle of Wilkins – hopefully soon – some way will be found to deal with this threat soon- until then its going to be ‘dry’ on the commuter routes – perhaps the water and soft drink companies can get concessions’ inside or even better – drinking fountains can be put up at the train stations, airports, and ferry piers?

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