Monday, August 07, 2006

Israel-Hizbollah War: UN back to the drawing board.

It’s back to the drawing board for peace negotiations - blasts and attacks in the war in lebanon continues to spiral out of control and reaches to new levels.

Hezbollah Saturday and Sunday rained down on Northern Israel it’s “Deadliest barrage of rockets into northern Israel on Sunday, ” per reports I’m watching the attacks continue on Haifa and new attacks by Israel in rare daylight raid today smashed parts of south Lebanon and South Beirut.

Haifa View:

As some news networks covering this still refer to this as crisis, or a situation, or a conflict this is by all definitions - WAR - the worlds leading non-government think tank online database puts Lebanon on its page as ‘War’

  • Op Change of Direction Chronology
  • Combatants

    War in Lebanon -

    War is a conflict involving the organized use of weapons and physical force by states or other large-scale groups. Warring parties usually hold territory, which they can win or lose; and each has a leading person or organization which can surrender, or collapse, thus ending the war.

    This can no longer be-considered a crisis, hostilities, clashes, what we see now is open warfare - any effort to attempts a cease fire after today’s level of exchange in some places - 1,000’s 155mm artillery shells hundreds of bombs from Israel while Hezbollah has sent in more than 2,500 rockets and missiles in 3 weeks.


    The house to house fighting the cross border attack into Israel which started the conflict. the retaliatory attack by Israel versus Hezbollah’s go beyond normal crisis and clashes level. Israel also staging an airstrike while the head of the arab league was in Beirut shows the situation’s level of attack prowess.

    The Newsweek overview on Hezbollah’s of course focuses attention on the Lebanese group backed by others in the region and its long history of warfare in Lebanon - but also touches on its regional and ties across the seas.

    There is in this group something more well known to the US who after a series of attacks in Beirut forced US marines to withdraw from Lebanon along with others to forces from Europe.

    Hizbullah: In Lebanon … and America

    Nasrallah’s Men Inside America

    Shimon Peres: What Israel Aims to Archieve



    Hizbullah: Inside Lebanon & the U.S.

    Guests: NEWSWEEK’s Christopher Dickey, Michael Isikoff.

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