Monday, August 14, 2006

Oil Spill threatens Guimeras maritime and tourism

Described in a UN issued alert as the Philippines largest oil spill in several decades the oil spill now covers some 15 square kilometers near Guimeras province:

[] MANILA, Aug 14 (Reuters) - The Philippines rushed ships and equipment on Monday to the seas surrounding the central island of Guimaras to stop the country's potentially largest oil spill from spreading to other coastal areas. The Philippine Coast Guard said it had sent two ships to search for two missing crew and help in the clean up of bunker oil that leaked from a tanker which sank near Guimaras on Friday. "Based on an aerial survey yesterday, the spill now covers 15 square nautical miles," Lieutenant Joseph Coyme, Coast Guard spokesman, told Reuters. "If we consider that all 2 million litres of bunker oil spilt, then this would be the largest oil spill in the country," he added. []
Reports are still coming in from the area surrounding the province and also nearby areas to

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