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Tropical Storm ‘Hanna’: Floods and Landslides kill 8

12:35 p.m. Eight Filipino villagers are missing and feared dead, after a landslide triggered by tropical storm ‘Hanna’ struck a group of homes in a small northern Philippine Village. Rescuers are digging for the remains of two families in a Ifugao village in the Mountainous region of the country north of Manila. […]

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Guam & Iwo Jima: Twin Quakes hit Pacific Islands

Twin Quakes Rock Pacific Islands:’ Near Guam and Iwo Jima’

Twin Quakes hit Western Pacific

Mike Cohen, PNC Correspondent 30.SEP.07
6:20p.m.‘Not on but two quakes hit the western pacific area,’ News Agencies based in Tokyo looking at scientific data say ‘Twin Earthquakes,’ shook near Guam and Iwo Jima not just one. Recorded by monitoring equipment in Tokyo, Hawaii, […]

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Guam Earthquake: News Reports

The Earthquake reports seem to suggest that the islands infrastructure is secure and mostly residents were affected but no reports of major damage so far.

GameSHOUTQuake near Guam sways buildings -

GUAM (Reuters) - A strong earthquake swayed buildings on the Pacific island of Guam on Sunday but there were no immediate reports of damage and […]

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Burma Crisis: Drug flood fears across region

PNC Special Report: Myanmar Crisis Could Mean ‘Burma Drug Flood’ On Guam
Mike Cohen, PNC Correspondent 27.SEP.07
11:58 a.m. The U.S. State Department released its International Narcotics report for 2008, which warns that the political problems in Burma are leaving drug production centers unchecked, and corruption problems in government mean that it has become Asia’s central distribution […]

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Arroyo pitches the Philippines in NYC

September 28th, 2007 · No Comments

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo beams as she is introduced by former Georgetown Univ..classmateUS President Bill Clinton (extreme left) at the
Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)
Opening Plenary at the Sheraton New York Hotel
(Benjamin Basug/OPS-NIB Photo)

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Philippine Government statement on Myanmar

Philippine President Arroyo who is with other world leaders in New York attending the annual general assembly meeting has come out with what is one of the few statements by leaders in ASEAN versus the repression in Myanmar.

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