Saturday, July 29, 2006

As the crisis in Lebanon is expected to stretch into it's third week of fighting and rocket, airstrikes and artillery crossing the border and pitched gunbattles stretching into almost non-stop action on cable tv's 24 hour channels.

The clear an present danger to the rest of the world - esp. in areas where the spillover could create and in fact some claim has created a climate ideal for those groups seeking to exploit images and recruit more people into radical groups in many parts of the world.

'Godfather' blogger Kelly Collison writes that the new terror recruitment drive might be the price of continued fighting in Lebanon erasing any gains made in fight versus JI and forcing even moderate islamic group members to the folds of more radical organizations: Kerry B Collison

[] ".... Indonesians warn that Israeli attacks could fuel terrorism

Thousands of Indonesians rallied Friday against Israel's military operations in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, warning the West that such violence would only inflame Islamic militants. The protesters, who gathered in several cities across the world's most populous Muslim nation, waved banners calling Israeli and U.S. leaders "the real terrorists." "It's ironic that America shouts about peace and democracy, and then supports Israel when it kills innocent Muslims," said Arief Trisarjono,...' []

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