Sunday, July 02, 2006

More 4th fun at AAP party fundraiser at the IS Manila

Mime fun at the 'festival' of fourth fun on the first! Whew what a sentence a lot of people joined in to enjoy and have great time for a good cause at the American Association of the Philippines sponsored event at the International School.

I do have a short video blog in the works and will post that too soon!

Here's some pictures of Scott Nagle sent to mikeinmanila.

It was a good day overall bands, a little bit of speeches but mostly good clean fun.

The booths at the IS offered food and drink there where rides and slides and games and a Dog training show as well.

It was good day overall for many who came by and just savored the fun filled day of enjoyment that happens every year.

I remember attending past events from years ago - a few at the embassy when I was a kid - now that was a long time back - not that long though!

The American Association of the Philippines was
Established in 1949, AAP'’s purpose is the general welfare of United States citizens in the country.

Services include: Social Welfare:
educational, financial, medical assistance;repatriationsn, and RH- Blood Volunteer donor listing.

AAP also sponsors Patriotic Events: George Washington Birthday, 4th of July, Memorial Day and are owners of the American Historical Collection.

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