Friday, July 21, 2006

Lebanon: Security at Evacuation centers & Damascus road bandits

As thousands of troop to evacuation centers in Lebanon, increasingly in areas outside of Beruit there are reports of Armed bands attacking and robbing groups of refugees as they flese a hapless beruit in some isolated sections of the Damascus Highway.
Reports coming back to Manila and Bangkok from some who have made the trip are concerns over safetly of the land based evacuations.
Lebanese forces are reportedly not patroling areas in large groups for fear of becoming targets to Israeli Jets hiting Hizbollah fighters and some reports are also filtering in of heavily armed Jihadi's slowly drifting into Northern Lebanon through Syria - into Lebanon.
I have not seen these events first hand but agian have only heard these from people who have called radio stations here in Manila - tonight- talking about some refugees being robbed as they make the journey on thier own into Syria.
Once across the Border things are safe reports say- but- in some areas there are increasinly reports of some tourists not traveling with Organized groups out of Beruit running into trouble.
I'm looking into that story as well reports of the armed bands- giving the rise to allegations that some Iraqi Jihadi fighters have begun to Arrive in Northern Lebanon. And reports they are crossing the border allegedly which have been thrown open BOTH WAYS.
If this were the case- and these reports are founded- then the large groups of foreign nationals from Coaltion countries now grouped together may present a nightmare scenario I hope security services are taking into account.

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