Monday, July 10, 2006

OFW Hero from the past: Where is Corazon Amurao?

July 10th, 2006

Corazon Amurao where is she now? And did she have any children? Are there more like her willing to come forth after surviving the ordeal of seeing 7 of your roommates raped and murdered to come forth and shock not only a courtroom but the world with how she with her testimony put away one of the worst killers and rapists who terrorized young women and tortured them in Chicago in 1967.

I often wonder how many others like her out there- hero’s we knew from the past and of late are rarely talked about. So much living the present that we forget the past has so many inspirations to follow in this country. Of people not afraid to stand up and be counted- even if for a time they have to survive by hiding in corner of room under a bed - but then are able to come forward and given the chance show the world who did it! Someday perhaps people like this will be looked upon to talk of things happening now - images they see but for survivals sake keep silent.

Perhaps one day- one will be able to see other Corazon’s, Corazon Amurao’s to inspire and show that justice can be at hand when people are not afraid and perpetrators in a crime caught face them and point and say like she did- ” He did- here is the man…”.

[] … Chicago Sun-Times

She was on the witness stand describing how a man with black clothes, marks on his face and a gun in his hand launched a night of horror with four knocks on her bedroom door. The prosecutor asked her if she saw the man in the courtroom. Corazon Amurao unlatched the door to the witness box, stepped down and walked across the room. “This is the man,” she said, her finger nearly touching the forehead of Richard Franklin Speck. …[]

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