Friday, July 21, 2006

Iran's Ambassador to Manila speaks out on Lebanon

Speaking with DFA Sec. Alberto Romulo in Manila, Iran's ambassador to Manila has voiced his concerns over what he labels "repeated violation of international rules and conventions by the 'Zionist regime', " Referring to the current situation in Lebanon; "If the international community fail to immediately force the Zionists to halt their aggression, not only the stability in the Middle East region but also the global peace and stability would be endangered." The last line seems somewhat ominous, the statement issued by the official Iranian state run news agency went on to say, " He also highlighted Iran's stands on the ongoing crisis and called for unconditional halt to the Zionist attacks and resumption of talks for exchange of prisoners of war between the two sides. "

Romulo, according to the Iranian statement reiterated Manila's Neutral stance in conflict and appealed to all sides to return to negotiations.

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