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ASG links to Oklahoma City Bombing to be formally probed in US Congress?

Strange story On-line - I've often seen this one raised of a link between the bombings in Oklahoma City and the ASG and other groups…. Its been the fodder of conspiracy theorists for over a decade now.

There is some truth to the formula used may have indeed come from Cebu - where Terry Nicols wife was from - but- its a common formula - the ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel mix used to make the truck bomb that Tim and Terry used to blow up the Murrah Federal building. So while it may have been inspired by dynamite fishers in the Cebu area- its somewhat a stretch to most people who look at the story.

[] …. " In what some on Capitol Hill are calling a surprising decision, Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., has given the nod for hearings into the long-debated question of whether those responsible for the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building had help from any foreign source. Spurred to action by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., Hyde has given Rohrabacher's Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House International Relations Committee the wide-ranging authority to conduct interviews and subpoena documents related to the April 19, 1995, terrorist attack that left 168 dead, 19 of them children." …. []

I wonder if Dana Rohrabacher is planning to hold hearings here in the country- there a whole bunch of people who do have information on the alleged meetings between some and the bombers in Oklahoma… it is a fact that Nicol's did come here to the Philippines in the years prior to the attack.

There are several people who have written about a alleged meeting between him and Khalid Shiek Mohamad who was in the country at around the same time - both were here- BUT- aside from that so were 77 million other people- True also is the testimony of Edwin Angeles - in a declaration he alleged to have met with Al Qaeda members and Nicol's in a Karaooke Bar in Cebu.

But remember- there is so much of this kind of stuff out there… it is good idea to look into it. Even if only to eliminate theory from reason and conjecture.

Or so the story goes… Jeyna Davis, is one person who has been chasing this story for a long time was reporter from a local KFOR a local TV station in Okka. City -

i swapped emails with her when I still was working in local TV here- but all my follow-up on this topic is often met officially by looks to check if i'm a straight jacket! Or checks to see if any tisoys have escaped from the national mental health institute in mandaluyong.

Well I do hope this investigation does come up with something… theres tons of reports out there on this much of it official record. It should be interesting to watch the outcome.

[]…. In his letter seeking authority for hearings, Rohrabacher wrote: "It is highly likely that the Arab connection and/or the Strassmeir connection played a significant role in the planning and execution of the murderous bombing of the OKC federal building. In both possible scenarios, the official investigation fell short and further investigation has been discouraged ever since." …[]

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