Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sino ba talaga? : who is who...

Will the real group please stand-up?

A group's name is more than name… esp. when crimes are attributed to it -

a text barrage reached many reporters and journalists today in Manila sowing even more confusion about a similar named group that has been making calls to media outlets and sending messages claiming responcibility for bomb attacks in the Capitol.

Read on for more as the puzzle and text inflow flows across the airwaves and broadcasts and webspace.

It is often a puzzle as to who is who in this often times muddled period of trying to figure out what's-what and who's-who and where is what…
As well as who is part of this and or that?

Confused? try to read on…

[] … 'Real' TABAK disowns blasts
After weeks of hearing from a group called TABAK that claims responsibility for a spate of bombings in Metro Manila and Pampanga, another group claiming to be the “real” members of the Taongbayan at Kawal (TABAK) surfaced on Monday disavowing any hand in the wave of bombings.
The Manila Times …[]

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