Monday, June 19, 2006

Grudge Grenade blast?

Police in the Philippines are looking at a explosion in the capitol metropolis premiere city of makati as a 'grudge grenading' reports say.
The the blast early Monday morning as commuters and the public were concerned over a bomb threat at dive shop in the city.
The blast seems to have stemmed from an angry security guard who got into a argument - talk about a short fuse.
Police say they are looking into the idea that the incident led to the small blast that caused some damage but was left in a place where no one was injured.

What no one seems to be explaining is where the heck did the grenade come from? This isn't Mindanao or Mindoro but Makati! Anyhow old saying never argue with man with a gun or grenade as one of three things may go off!

Ah life in these islands never seems to lack a dull moment. Something always happens to make life a little more interesting... report below:

  • [] ... A GRENADE exploded at a scuba diving apparel store in Makati City Monday, an official said. Southern Police District Director Chief Superintendent Wilfredo Garcia said the 6:30 a.m. explosion came from a plant box outside the Aqua Venture in Mayapis St. corner Paul St. ...[]

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