Sunday, June 11, 2006

“You stole the election not once… but twice…” could be a title of Kennedy expose?

I recall the quote from Susan Roces; she made it at a press conference.. at the Club Filipino in San Juan.

Miss Roces statement I borrow in not the context of the electoral process here… But perhaps the lady could be speaking about the US Presidential election or so says Robert Kennedy Jr.

In an artcle that came out on June 1st in Rolling Stone Magazine.


[]… " The issue of what happened in 2004 is not an academic one. For the second election in a row, the president of the United States was selected not by the uncontested will of the people but under a cloud of dirty tricks. Given the scope of the GOP machinations, we simply cannot be certain that the right man now occupies the Oval Office - which means, in effect, that we have been deprived of our faith in democracy itself.

American history is littered with vote fraud - but rather than learning from our shameful past and cleaning up the system, we have allowed the problem to grow even worse. If the last two elections have taught us anything, it is this: The single greatest threat to our democracy is the insecurity of our voting system. If people lose faith that their votes are accurately and faithfully recorded, they will abandon the ballot box. Nothing less is at stake here than the entire idea of a government by the people.

Voting, as Thomas Paine said, "is the right upon which all other rights depend." Unless we ensure that right, everything else we hold dear is in jeopardy. " …[]

So - it would seem in this rather long rolling stone magazine article that electoral fraud claims cited in the USA is something that might want to make people worry about purchasing electoral automation equipment from there- this is not some conspiracy theorist article - but- as is well thought out and shows - a well put together and believable story - a clear example of the claim that I wonder if people will take seriously.

I know it's a touchy subject and anything that put in doubt results of the peoples will is something that should be looked into … considering the source … it might be well worth looking into … I mean if anyone knows about 'manipulating' the US electoral process - as I remember from Poilitcal History don't the Kenndy's do?

So those who are debating on the automation process might want to read about that as alleged by RFK Jr. - automation is not a garantee of clean electiions.'s blog had this to say…

[]… Punishing the cheats, not election automation,is real solution — local IT pioneer">is real solution — local IT pioneer

[]… “They are blaming the manual system as the cause of cheating or that it makes cheating easy,” Verzola says. “But that is not correct. The system can be slow or fast but there will still be cheating unless you punish the cheats.”

In many instances, Verzola says, it is obvious who commits electoral fraud. But since they just get away with their crime, they just keep on doing it. “They even get promoted, occupy the highest positions in this country.” …[]

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