Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Philippines: feud over land leaves 25 dead

The Talakag, Bukidnon land feud which has pitched battles between local farmers and tribal groups has developed into a week long series of pitched battles similar to the old Texas - Oklahoma range wars for the wild west.

The area is a remote part of hinterland Mindanao - where fertile upland soils allows almost anything to grow. near this area adding to the problems are major clashes between the military and rebels groups. Giving police a tough time to quash the feud - its also an area where heavily armed groups reside - this is really rough and tumble country and yet home to perhaps one of the best developed rural farming areas on Mindanao Island.

[] … Land dispute in Mindanao leaves 25 dead
ABS CBN News, Philippines - . Clan wars and vendetta killings, which are common in the southern Philippines, sometimes last for years and even decades, until a pact is reached or blood … []

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