Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mimi for Governor:” the right to bare breasts?” -only in Nevada

They always say journalists left alone with a web connection overnight can find the strangest stories - Sheila is no exception - PCIJ did a great story on a Fil-AM who is making waves in the USA by running for Governor in the 'Sin State' of Nevada.

[] …Mimi Miyagi for governor: The right to bear arms and breasts">The right to bear arms and breasts

By Sheila Coronel PCIJ — SHE’S hot, sexy and a Filipino-American single mother who went to college in Bukidnon. A card-carrying member of the Republican Party and the National Rifle Association, she is also running for governor of Nevada. … []

Mimi has her own blogsite here and several others - warning- adult content is present but albeit this one is a little more or less tame.

But still don't laugh at her chances - most of Nevada's Political figures certainly are not as interesting as Mimi's uh er figure that is- I expect in the days and weeks ahead- we will be hearing more about Mini and her campaign.

Good Luck… you need that in Nevada.

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