Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A book that’s covered in blood

[]… The newly released adventure novel Palawan” has it all. There is an exotic tropical island location. … [] Bookwire http://www.bookcatcher.com/index2.php?a=2&b=802#images

Often comes along a book-or movie that seeks to profit from a very real tragedy - it is the stuff of legend that some people like to see $$$$ over telling the real stories which are harder to do - this author from Las Vegas - perhaps not gutsy enough to write about all the tragic suffering in his own city.

Seeks to look for misery on distant shores. In the essence of free speech yes it is his write to do so - but that does not make it right for anyone to do so without putting facts on the table even in a book of non-fiction.

So another swipe at my old hometown takes place from a guy living where I once did in a place that has more than enough violence, bloodly clashes, crime, and kidnapping than ever happened in entire history of the island who chooses to malign by naming his book after.

One day perhaps - he’ll even go there on the profits perhaps of his book. But I doubt he’ll ever do so- looks like a typical shut-in type who wouldn’t know the much bigger story and intrigue that lies right before his eyes and the very real horror of the crimes of his city he chooses to ignore- Like I hope people will his book.

How he shames the memory of the lives lost - of the tragedy and victory in the end that makes the real story of what happened so much better to read.

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