Saturday, June 03, 2006

‘The Impunity’ in Philippines Death Squad attacks

MELINDA Quintos de Jesus, executive director of the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR), writes about the spate of killings of journalists in the Philippines in a column for the Inquirer today. She views the killings from a historical perspective and looks back to the period right after the restoration of democracy in 1986. …[]
On another note there has been in the last 24 hours two attacks on Politcal figures in the country. The Bomb attack on the H2 Hummer of the Governor of Batangas Province south of manila has raised 'new concerns' as Police anew are pointing to destablaizers and or Politcal elements into the issue. 2 security men of the Governor gave thier lives and got him out of the vechile before a second blast.

Also today a manhunt has been ordered after 3 gunmen open fire on mayor of a small town in politcal election hearing protest in Mindanao. That case is still developing. Police are repoedtly chasing down the suspects.

Meanwhile a report out of Cebu… a trip made by a US embassy consul seeking information on the allegations of a 'CDS' that is allegedly a 'vigilante groups' -

didnt see much of this in the news - on TV or print in the major daillies.

On the wide spread activities of those groups who in the name of 'instant justice' kill with impunity…

[] … US ‘concerned’ about murders
Sun.Star, Philippines - 22 hours ago
Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña earlier said he will not prioritize going after the If these killings remain unsolved, this will put the Philippines in a bad light… …[]

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