Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Historic preservation:Petition for Baguio

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Who describes themselves as - ” Living in the Philippines offers a chance to explore these islands and get to know the people. It is not always paradise and I try to show all sides. ” Petition for Baguio

Posted a petition for Baguio online its been going around the web - seeking to control the over-development a major issue not only for the City of pines but in many places where history has been repeatedly torn down to make way for the new over the old.

[]… “… the City of Baguio deserves to be declared a “Special Heritage Zone,” so that the degradation brought about by overdevelopment can be minimized and gradually controlled. We believe that Baguio City’s heritage as a center of culture and environmental awareness is a valuable asset not just to the Philippines, but also to the world. … []

So far over 170 copies have come down many major names on the list go to the site and follow the instructions if you are interested - it is always a worthy cause to save a bit of heritage many places throw aside in favor of the new and splashy.

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