Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Philippines: Military reports says “Pirates killed chinese fishermen” in disputed S. China Sea isles.

It's official - but long been suspected a couple of months after the report of the deaths of four Chinese fishermen off the coast of Palawan - near the Municipality of Kalayaan. Were the victims of pirates.

[] … Pirates killed 4 Chinese fishers — WesCom chief
Journal Online, Philippines - to Danga, the final results of a military investigation showed that the ship that attacked the Chinese fishermen was “definitely” not from the Philippines. … []

Now- the pirate problem must be put into context of just how far flung this area is - this is one of those places in the world that would make a perfect set for a part two to Kevin Kostner's Waterworld film of the few years ago.

I mean this place is remote- if Obi Wan Kenobi had hdden luke here - there never would have been a trillogy ok? its that remote. But not to fishermen who come from thousands of kilometers away to fish in its waters.

It is hard for Navies to maintain presence and patrols in the area because the few islands here are like small armed camps. There are three maybe four small runways on small reefs - One malaysian, one Vietnamese, another chinese and lastly Pag-Asa the Philippine Island that actually has a runway that dates way back… but has been rebuilt several times - since.

All the small bases are far off and watermakers are the source of life for all the Islands execpt for Kalayaan. Which does have fresh water a few homes and small military base.

Now the thousands of fishermen from each of the nations conflicting claims over the islands just within the Philippines EEZ - some form of cooperation is needed. And some form of joint patrols and coordination too… but til borders and claims and other issues are settled the fishermen are going to be targets for those who have the boats and guns in the area that can get to the vessels which on the average value several hundred thousand dollars in the cargo of fish they carry alone - making them targets for the wolves who prey the seas.

So it was pirates- as this blog said all along. Now perhaps if the countries could work on some means to work together perhaps this tragic incident could be avoided and new ways to thwart the wolves of the sea - be put into place.

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