Friday, June 09, 2006

CBS News: report on Manila seems so stuck in the past…

I watched this report and looked at the topic and saw one thing very weird with this "Letter from Asia" segment of a reporter who 'parachuted in' - its stuck in the past.
There was one interview a columnist -so one view- no government side- no attempt to interview people on location- one sitdown at a five star hotel and poof- story- boy I wonder how much they spent to run file video. Nice file though.
Yes there are truths to story but CBS- dits not deep enough to even consider anything but a -hack job-they Didn't go to Ortigas or Eastwood or Alabang or even Makati-
if I'm not mistaken they ddint even cross the pasig river!!!! HAHAHAHA
Anyhow it is news on 'Manila' so I guess they decided to not go beyond the city limits…
No wonder they are losing thier audiance… oh well… watch it and weep.
People often ask me why there not more stories on the US networks of whats happening here - its because - this is the view of the country most of the producers and reporters have - more often than not - they never leave the comfort of thier surroundings - And they wonder why I cant get more stories out of here?
I blame the latte crowd of editors and desk editors who wouldn't know a real story if it bit em on the behind!!!
Arrghhh… this gets me mad… so one sided it wouldn't even pass the muster for local TV newscasts - what happened CBS?
Can't afford the cab fare to go beyond the hotel lobby? And so walk the two blocks to the seawall for a standup?

Yeeaassshhh… whata waste! still good or bad it is publicty for the country- shame though it paints only one jaded old timer view of 'things in spin' package.
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