Wednesday, April 26, 2006

4G; the plot not the phone…

April 26th, 2006

A new plot to seek violent end to the current dispensation running the country is reported to be in the works in time for the May 1st Labor Day;

"anti-government groups are hatching plans dubbed "Oplan: 4G" to destabilize the Arroyo administration on May 1."

Ok, this is not to be confused with ‘3G’ the new cellular service advertised by Smart and Globe in the country - that offers video calling,

‘4G’ however is also being used to describe the next level of cell-phone service being designed which gives better data rates and a high end of user interface for communications devices such as phones and entertainment and information services..

So- With that out of the way what is this “4G”

This Oplan ‘4G’ comes on the heels of “Oplan Hackle”; and earlier plats and plans and the like.

I wonder when the groups come together to name these plots - do they have a registered trademark? I mean is 4G a working title? Or is there some meaning behind it? Like 4 is the number of people involved and the names all start with G?

Or Is it religious - 4 God perhaps? Or something like a throw back to the Marcos era 4 - ‘Galun-gong’; .

No Perhaps this ‘4G’ means the ever old saying of 4 gold or 4 glory?

Could it also be a sudden shift and be plan to suddenly declare sexuality long hidden in the closet 4Gays? Uh in this case, Don’t ask – Don’t tell comes to mind.

What does 4G mean - who thought it up?

Perhaps it is just one of many quickly thought out names during a meeting and has no meaning other than a plan and a number. Perhaps there should be incorporated into the PMA classes a "Subversion Oplan naming ‘short course’ for would-be plotters" one journalist I talked to said.

A little raz-ma-taz of Madison Avenue on the topic. Some more catch words and key designs. In the meantime a local correspondent seeing a foreign influence noted the number "4" in Fung Shie or numerology is the number for Death. But death for whom? Government… Goons… Gratitude… Greed… what else starts with "G"… lest I be dragged somewhere and given too much water to drink I just want to say I'm writing this to pass the time and cure boredom while waiting for an interview. I have no idea- and am merely looking at this in a cynical way- albeit “callus” mindset most journalists have after years of coverage.

"intelligence reports that showed destabilizers plan to carry out Oplan: 4G by infiltrating street demonstrations during celebrations to mark the International Labor Day."

- A website story on the subject points out - so it could simply mean 4-Gulo.

Other groups have their own opinion on the topic at hand.

"The labor group Kilusang Mayo Uno, however, said the supposed security threat is the administration's way of discouraging people from joining street rallies on May 1.They invented the security threat to discourage people to join the protest on May 1," KMU leader Elmer Labog said in Filipino on ABS-CBN".

.So in that essence to them the 4G stands for a hope people will "4-Go" attending the mass actions and rallies and be "4-ever Grateful" to the Military for warning them.

All most people hope is another 4G happens and those people behind this 4G plot; "4-Get" So we can all go "4-golf" Saturday.

Oh and 4-Goodness sake…. 4-give my silliness on a serious topic. By now this may all be a 4-gone conclusion.

Most of the quotes above come from ABS-CBNNews news the country’s most trusted name in news online. But the humor is mine!

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