Monday, April 17, 2006

Showing the money... new rewards

Money talks - or leads to talk - to get those who are being hunted by the law in the fight versus terror in SE Asia. These photo's part of a series by the US embassy show the way - showing the money has- led to several hundred arrests of extremists in the S. Philippines.

This isn't the first time cash has been handed over.

A little over a year and half ago one of the biggest rewards took place on Basilan Island.
There three individuals each walked away with equal shares of over 1 million US dollars in
Philippine pesos some say the cash is working to put a stop to the numerous bands of
bandits and terror groups working in the south who for the most part started off like outlaw pirate bands they often took part in operations of the Abu Sayyaf - engaging in terror on the side but living off of the proceeds of smuggling, drug sales, and, kidnapping.

The policy of handing out the cash in public has restored faith of some in the areas - but has also led to some bounty hunters to try and cash in on the higher ups in the group. Rules of the program however prevent professional bounty hunters from taking part in the cash rewards program - and - most advise not attempting to make a living off of hunting those who would not hesitate to use violence to keep themselves and their fight alive.

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