Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday, April 21, 2006

I was looking on the Web for stories to research on and came across this banner ad on a myspace area.

Very effective i must say - the older traditional crowd of anti-immigration groups seems to be falling behind.

From a purely organizational standpoint the tech - savvy web enabled protest movements have

really come on strong to develop the craft they have into something more than just the postings of opinion but use the tags and buttons and messages to swarm to organize and work in unison - amazing.

One has too look at the images and see that free speech groups and those connected to the liberal side of US society has brought the level of action up a lot in an wave of support for migrant rights in ways the groups like the minutemen can't match in tech ability.

I spent a few minutes on various links to groups sponsoring the posters ads and information drives and also found groups posting images for other causes closer to home here in the Philippines for example - oh well... I wish I could report other items on the sites that seemed to be embedded flash based video images of the protests and new round of mass action.

And to think when we were in college! All we had were silk screens and buttons!!!! Ahhgghhh!

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