Monday, April 17, 2006

Death penalty set aside for 1,200

Death Penalty - commuted enmasse

"I wish to announce that we are changing our policy on those who have been imposed the death penalty. We are reducing their penalty to life imprisonment,"

An Easter move to end the death penalty that many in Europe have applauded and elsewhere,

However victims families have been expressing dismay - also among those reaction are communities in places where heinous bombings and kidnappings and attacks have taken place at the hands of outlaw bands.

I must say - it is move many are surprised at. The death penalty has always been seen a deterrent to rape, drugs, massive graft and corruption.

It is a shift back to the Christian-Social democrat route many have seen in the Arroyo Government of late. It is path few leaders chose - but after all a leader must lead.

If it is any consultation to those victims - life behind bars in a Philippine Prison - to many inmates I've interviewed over the years is often called a fate worse than death.

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