Friday, April 21, 2006

The Great Wall of "A"...

A American Iron Curtain? The other one didn't work

The images below are of two different walls

 –wall built for very different purposes and yet also for the same reason to divide a people in the case of the newly proposed one.

This is a image from WENEEDAFENCE a organization seeking to build a wall of barbed wire, patrols, watch towers, and guard dogs.

A Wall like this is more than a physical thing to divide the North from South.

This 'Wall' although only a barrier really that perhaps - some enterprising contractor I am sure will be backing to the hilt. As well as some sort of perverted pork barrel project for Congressmen in need of funds for re-election - and as a false security blanket for people who feel the need to build it.

All I can say is look to History and learn walls built are often torn down by people who realize that they serve little purpose.

Except for those who profit at the construction -

Oh almost forgot - construction? Ok perhaps the wall it will be benifit to migrant labor afterall; kidding aside.

What should be done - is to build bridges between people and coming to understandings and working for better legal patterns often make the need for things like the new Iron Curtain of America or the Great Fence of "Â"– not needed.

A better sytem of implimentation of immgrigration laws based on the laws asthey stand not on fear or policy's of either xenophobia or extreme positions to throw down all barriers which would not be acceptable in both countries.

But - Looking back to history remember this wall Freedom on one side Oppresion on the other?

They stood along a great expanse of Europe and became a symbol of all that was wrong with the country that built them.

Yes it was made to keep people in – while the one above to keep people out but the served only to create tension and mistrust between neighbors.

These walls almost led to new wars and were symbols of everything wrong in a society once called an "Evil Empire".

I wonder what the rest of the America's will say if a wall of freedom is built?
And the name- Wall of Freedom? Freedomdom tears down walls - and those who seek to throw them up; walls are only built by those woppressess or have something keepeep others out from - this fence will not stand if it is called that; because it will only be another wall for people who need a symbol to those who seek to climb it.

So build it - and like the former Soviets learn the truth that no mater how many walls, towers, sensors, hidden camera's you put up- it will always be just another thing to climb - and they will climb it and cross it still no mater what unless true reform an equitable system of Immigration reform is introduced.

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