Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Eraptions back on air...

Former Philippine President Joseph Estrada is going back on the airwaves...

Estrada who is currently held in custody will be allowed to speak out on national issues starting today anew say court officials so long as he doesn't discuss his pending case plunder which he is on trail for at the Philippines Sandigan Bayan. (anti-graft court)
I covered Estrada a few times - he always was a fun interview and I had lunch with him and his wife in San Juan many years back when he was vice president, he donated a set of police motorcycles to the Palawan at the time.

Aside from this Estrada did visit Palawan a few times I covered him then when I was still based there. I always enjoyed interviews I did with him - mostly he's been jovial and direct.
I have seen his unfriendly side once... But that was a situation I'd rather forget and all just part of the job we jounrno's go through it all worked out anyway in the end.

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