Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nordin top- JI leader eliudes capture

Raid in central Java vs. JI leader “Noordin Top” safehouse 2 dead 2 captured Top still at large:

JI Leader Noordin Top eluded police and military personnel - reports say - and pursuit action is underway in the area of central Java radio reports monitored in Jakarta tonight claim the leader of Jemaah Islamish was able to elude arrest. Radio Reports say two men have been taken in custody, two were killed.

Initial reports say that Police killed two men and discovered explosives and captured important documents.; police confirmed they had killed two suspected terrorists and caught two others in a raid on a house in Binangun village, Wonosobo district, Central Java, Two others are in custody.

The men killed have been described as involved in series of attacks in Jakarta in the bombing campaigns there of JI.

Another was reportedly part of the Australian embassy bombing in Jakarta that killed dozens and enraged Indonesians as most of the victims were visa applicants and local..

Reports coming out of Jakarta a little while ago describe a major operation that nearly captured the "JI leader" ; the raid in central Java in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday was first heard by residents and described as a "major police action" gunfire and explosions were heard.

The suspects killed Salahudin who was believed to have been involved in the bombing of Atrium Plaza, Senen, in Central Jakarta in 2001 and Mistahudin who was believed to have played a role in the bombing outside the Australian Embassy in South Jakarta on Sept. 9, 2004.

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