Friday, April 14, 2006

Sunsets.... And memories

Manila good Friday... 2006
No traffic - No Noise - No people almost in Metro Manila on the streets it is Holy Friday a
day by tradition of rest and reflection.

Sunset along the bay is coming soon...

I like sunsets and sunrises - it always reminds me of when I was kid way back when in the 1970's before my family moved to the states.

At the time we lived at a old "historic" apartment building along Manila bay - the sequia apartments near the Malate Church and just above Aristocrat - well- not really above but kind of off to one side - you could always smell the barbecued chicken and other great stuff on the menu rising up from the street below.

Holy Week then meant a trip to seven churches. Stations of the cross and moving about the area looking for new things to my then very young eyes.

Malate church has not changed that much and most of the older buildings in the district are still there standing form my childhood- I often wander the area at night.

As a reporter starting out on TV - I was "based" for a while like all new news-guys at the WPD main headquarters in Ermita.

Some of my first stories were of many events happening. Holy week often found my name on the duty roster as well. I guess they assumed with my looks and name - I less likely to want the holidays off - but being in the area on Good Friday led to many stories. At some point I have to start transferring those files - and piles of stuff on these pages....

So much... So many stories... So many things... So many sunsets and memories!

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