Saturday, April 22, 2006

West Papua / Irian Jaya new home of JI?

A leader for the Free Papua Movement based in Australia has raised an issue that might be something worth looking into from the journalist point of view-
afterall -it is a vastly open area of Indonesia and well- is an intriguing suggestion.

"Senior Papuan independence campaigner Willy Mandowenalso believes terrorists are likely to be targeting Papua because of its strategic location bridging the southern Philippines and Pacific nations, and that Canberra should be paying more attention to this issue."- Australian

While the man may have his own reasons to suggest it- uit does make a lot a possible reason many of the key bombmakers of JI have not been captured - the area is known to be a haven for smuggling and also for other illegal activity.

Perhaps it is a story worth checking into... but then agian this is a man who by Indonesia's point of view is himself considered a "terrorist or rebel"... still where there is smoke?

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