Saturday, April 22, 2006

Story below shows a defensive posture on the local view that critics of the position of the Country's inability to stop the terror training camps in the Southern Philippines - what the Gov't should do is turn the tables on the USA and other critics and say...

I offer three other responces the Palace can give when asked anew over the JI problem....sugjested responce statement from the Palace

"Well ... Now how many people are you worried about who got across your border? hmmmmm... Whets that 12+ million undocumented people my... my.... The Philippine delegates could look at the other side of the table and say - speak up I cant hear you? Your spending how much? 12 billion dollars a week - a week- (3 weeks is the national budget of this country) and you cant find a single old man with a beard hangs out with goats- who posts videos on websites? hmmmmm... Very poor management of resources..."

Another optional responce -

"The Philippines has done a lot - but sadly - Washington's, Canberra's, and London's people here spend more time playing golf and going to spa's and figuring out how to extend their tours of duty here - I mean... If they caught all the badguys here... They might have to go to Iraq!
And the Spa's, Karaoke, and, seafood is just not the same in the greenzone."

Or the blunt one-

" Two US administrations both Clinton and Bush were given warnings by the RP AFP & PNP intel communities on plots vs. The US prior to 9-11- which were ignored. One which mentioned hijackings and planes crashing into buildings a series of reports were submitted in 1995 &1996 in 1999 & 2000 - all were; flatly ridiculed by US Gov't people " Esp, a ex Clinton era national security adviser who wrote a marginal note- " Couldn't happen even if they tried... This is a daydream. " or words to that effect. ...." - done while holding up a copy of the returned report with the comments in handrighting of US officials... (it exists.. dont ask me how I know)

Now with that in mind...

Manila Times:

RP terror fight defended

SHORT of saying that the country's efforts to fight terrorism is not that bad, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said on Friday that the Philippine government will soon eradicate terrorism in the country.

Speaking to more than 600 delegates at the First Counter-terrorism Experts’ Conference at the Shangri-La Mactan Island Resort in Cebu, Ermita said the Philippines has neutralized 238 terrorists under the Arroyo administration. Of these, 212 were members of the Abu Sayyaf, 10 were foreign terrorists and 4 were members of the Rajah Solaiman Islamic Movement.

Other speakers on the forum’s second day underscored the need for governments to understand why individuals join terrorist groups.

The reason could be other than religious passion or zeal. It could be economic or something else,” said Australian Ambassador Tony Healy

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