Monday, April 24, 2006

'In the coming Days.'.. LA times article on "Gringo"

Something seems to be up; what exactly is hard to say. But a lot is being made of a interview and quote about "In the coming days." I talked about this in a earlier blog below.

The quote is from an interview with a "Magdalo" member of the foiled Oakwood mutiny - "Former Sen. Honasan serves as an example and inspiration. We believe he is fighting for genuine reforms." Army 1st Lt. Sonny Sarmiento, said this on Che-Che Lazero's probe team episode on the "Magdalo Group".

Todays; Sunday edition of the LA times has an article by Richard Paddock on Sen, Gringo Honasan; Xinghua Chian news agency has a piece out the Philippine Military saying they are ready for anything. Time has a story in the works So does Newsweek Al Jazeera is working on something, the BBC, ITN, and CNN or so I hear. Wazzap?

The article got noticed in the USA - I got a few calls from a couple of US TV networks to be "ready and aware"... It seems the buzz is out there indeed. But- Paddock's Article intrigues me... In the LA times the report is focused on these points; But waht grabs me is the tone - its an advanced piece... advanced to what I do not know. If you take the Ny time editorial and then this. Then the Heritage Foundation Rpeort very critical of the GMA government and a very well oiled and organized campaign in the US with web ads and a strong PR effort vs. the Philippine Gov't one looks to the heavens and wonders aloud like Yule Briner in the King and i and musses - "It is a puzzlement..."

  • "Philippines' Top Fugitive Is `a Very Slippery Guy' Coup plotter Gregorio Honasan is aided by his supporters and has been sent on his way by soldiers who recognized him, friends say."
  • "Authorities acknowledge that Honasan, commonly known as Gringo, is receiving help from civilians and members of the military who support his cause. Friends of the former army colonel say he has been stopped several times by police and soldiers, who let him go after they recognized him. A couple even saluted him."
  • "We are not really out of the woods yet," said ( Justice Sec.) Gonzalez, who also was named as an assassination target. "The ones who want to destabilize the administration are just hibernating."
  • "In an interview with The (LA) Times in October, Honasan said he was not personally interested in leading the Philippines. But he said that the country needed a change and that Arroyo could be replaced by a transitional committee of respected citizens with the goal of restoring democracy. "When we are ready, the opposition leader will surface," he said.
  • "In the coming days, the people should watch out because we will make our presence felt," Sarmiento told the ABS-CBN network. "Former Sen. Honasan serves as an example and inspiration. We believe he is fighting for genuine reforms."

Perhaps it is nothing but a interesting rehash of things we have heard here in Manila time and again but - in news timing is everything. And I think it's time I listened a bit harder. I could be wrong but I think the LA times and other US based media groups hear the distinct but distant pitter patter of feet- and they may be wearing combat boots.

- I hope they're wrong…. but my camcorder batteries are charged just in case.

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MikeCohen-at-large said...

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At this morning's Kapihan sa Manila, former senator-turned-fugitive Gringo Honasan will hold a press conference to dispute the charges against him and to speak out his mind on the many issues now bedeviling the country.-

Interesting coming the heels of the article above- but always remember it could be Willy Nepumoceno.