Friday, May 05, 2006

5 Pinoys rescued in S. Atlantic sinking more missing

From Johannesburg:

A report on the status of search and rescue operations for a sunken Greek flagged bulk carrier "Four of five life rafts spotted by a rescue aircraft searching for missing crew of the Alexandros T were found to be empty, said search-and-rescue officials on Thursday."
So far four life rafts have been found; SAPA goes onto report that - "One person was rescued from a life raft around 10:00 bringing the total of crew rescued to seven." Reports further identify five of the survivors as Filipino but go on to say that many among the 26 men among the crew of the vessel have yet be found in the freezing waters of the South Atlantic.
"five of the survivors are Philippines nationals, one Romanian and the nationality of the last one is not yet known."

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