Wednesday, May 10, 2006

AFP UN peacekeepers allowance cuts - report

AFP UN peacekeepers allowance cuts - report below is a development thats been rumored. It is rarely done by nations sending troops to foreign lands to keep the peace for the UN and seems to a cause for concern. Many of the thousands of UN peacekeepers who go abraod view it as a windfall and reward for serving "the world".Currently it is source of strife in the AFP rank and file; I hope they explain it well.

There is also a report that while Rank and File troops pay is cut - officers 'allowanes' are not touched or so the rumor goes.

TEMPO reports: UN peacekeepers’ allowance slashedBy AARON B. RECUENCO

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) admitted yesterday to slashing a portion of the ::textbigbold,000 monthly allowance given by the United Nations (UN) to soldiers deployed as peacekeeping forces in other countries.
But Col. Dante Balao, chief of the AFP-Peacekeeping Operations Center, explained that they have to take portions of the monthly compensation called Troop Cost Allowance (TCA) to cover the cost of their deployment.
He said that the AFP has the right to make the deductions as the TCA is actually for the host country.
"The TCA is not direct compensation for the troops from
the UN. It is a compensation for the country for sending troops. We are
correcting our mistake in the past," said Balao.

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