Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Journalist Killings: Global trend noted ‘Bullets of rebutal” silencing many scribes arcoss the world

Global problem? : Journalist killings on the rise says conference hundreds of reports from all over the globe are showing this alarming condition- while the philippines remains in the top of the list increasingly jounrnalist welfare groups are noting a marked increase in violence versus Journalists ranging from beatings to killings to attacks on media offices in a wave of attacks across the world.

Suspects include crime syndicates, political reprisals, government death squads, rebel groups even tough competition in some places.

" 146 journalists had been killed doing their job last year, 48 in Iraq…." IPI report
While the cases here in the Philippines grab our headlines - with five this year so far- this censorship by gunfire is slowy rising in many places across the globe making journalism in troublespots and countries where the killings happen "a dangerous life" indeed.


Murder 'is the cheapest form of censorship' cotsman, United Kingdom - The conference heard journalists were being targeted in countries such as the Philippines, Colombia and Haiti.

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