Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bush endorses brother Jeb....

GW -” Jeb would make a great President…”

President Bush feels His brother florida's governor would make a great President someday. Wire agencies quoting reports coming out a short talk the American President gave to reporters in Florida.

Excerpts below: the St. Petersburg times newspapers reported;

The wires quoted; while President Bush probably says that about all the governors he meets as Presidents are often doing in speeches; those words might also be part of a two things a trial ballon - or - smokes screen, it could also be just brotherly comment taken out of context.

Right now the President endorsing anyone considering his ratings and poll numbers would almost be seen by some as a 'unwelcome' endorsement' many republicans are trying to aviod. So why did he do it? who knows… I wouldn't read much into it though this early in the game… maybe it was for local florida benifit.

- report below from Xinghua
" Bush made the remarks in an interview with Florida reporters, and an account of the interview was posted on the St. Petersburg Times Web site. In response to a question whether Jeb Bush should run for president, Bush said he thought his brother would make "a great president." - "But it's up to Jeb to make a decision to run," he added."

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