Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Bonifacio 8

Navy Commodore Pio Garrido, Brig. Gen. Eduardo Cabanlig and Lt. Gen. Edgardo Espinosa.
along with Commodores Eduardo Tolentino and Alberto Orevillo; and retired Navy Captains Walter Briones and Flor Antonio Paginag as well as another retired Naval flag officer are holdouts in the Fort bonifacio Naval Base Officer Housing.
Seeking legal redress for grievances they petitioned a court for a restraining order to prevent their eviction from properties that - if the Bureau of lands records is to be believed may or not belong actually to the Philippine Navy.
A good questioned raised by these gentlemen is what out the 80 or so other flag officers who for some reason have homes in what was once the Army side of the base.
however this is a mater for the courts and also wieghing on 1100 officers and men the 8 or so homes in the area couldc easily be built up for high rise hosuing that could take half that number easily.
But, I still feel for the 8 officers; I know most of them having covered them in the past. It would have been a tough story to cover... I know what its like to lose land to the Military as it were.
My mothers small property in Palawan was taken away for at first the stables of a then popular commodores hourses after Martail Law.
Then it was used to house the Vietnamese Refugee center or VRC - our little beach lot was supposed to have been her retirement home site - even if the Vietnamese have left - WESCOM and the Philippine Air Force never quite settled this... but comfort to us is thousands of people from Vietnam were able to have shelter for the decade or so the camp was in operation.
6 of the eight officers were at WESCOM or the Naval base in Palawan Navfourwest; amazing really the coincidence today is the day some almost thirty years ago they fenced off the peoperties there.
Some were returned others compnsated for, but, still so ironic looking over some papers I found.

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