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Estrada: US intel sent to him was all media clippings?

Estrada: : US intel was media gossip?

Estrada: US intel sent to him was all media clippings?

The words speak volumes for the information the US government sought to almost send a FBI analyst to the death chamber for- but relented to lower sentence of a long prison term.

According to former President Joseph Estrada, when informed the US government prosecutors had reached plea bargain deal with Lean Arangoncillo - in his "Spy case" in Washington DC.

Estrada told newspapers in the Philippines;

" For his part, Estrada maintained the information he received from Aragoncillo were public knowledge. "

So what does this tell you about the level of US intel in the country.

"Let me just say that when this case first made the local papers, I readily admitted that I received e-mails from Mr. Aragoncillo which I believe were not confidential because this information was mostly culled from local newspaper clippings," Estrada told. the Philippine Star...

"There was nothing secret about this information (from Aragoncillo) which dealt mostly with political developments in the Philippines, and everyone had access to those media reports," he added.

In hindsight knowing from having interviewed this man - that when quickly asked questions on issues Estrada does not very often mince words. In a simple way he has given insight to something though - that US intel is feed and fueled by media reports and public domain information. Ergo- the intel was not that good…. so if the information was so sensitive as to force this man out and perhaps put him in Leavenworth for the next decade or so.

What does it tell you about the information the FBI and White House has on the country? Also what about other parts of the world?

OK, he may not even know it - but "Erap" may have just let out a assessment of Intel capabilities without intending to. No wonder they never indicted these guys it would have shown just another case of how bad US intel has beenon sensitive information.

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