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JI in Indonesia a update

ICG say’s Noordin Top - “JI” leader running out of money, support, &, people; Yet still a threat

A recent police action in Indonesia and serious efforts have been able to cast a shadow over the Asia wing of Jemaah Islamiah so a report from the International Crisis group claims,

"behaviour following Bali II suggests he is running short of money and experienced cadres. The loss on 29 April of the men who served as both couriers and recruiters has to be a significant blow. The Wonosobo raid was a triumph for the police, and Noordin’s arrest will be an even greater one." - ICG report
How ever the report points out that there is still a lot of work needed to done to ensure networks and group ties are swayed away from the extreme towards the mainstream.

Ji remains a potent terror force in part because of extensive family and other ties that stretches across Indonesia, Malaysia, S. Thailand and Mindanao in the Philippines.

Spectacular terror attacks and Iraq like IED bombings has "turned off" most of the moderates in the movement for the high loss of life among locals and not the targets intended victims, lading to fractured group less organized and more compartmentalized but as such still deadly.The hardcore remnants seems eager to create further chaos; and destruction, but also want to see larger alliances from more mainstream and moderate groups as well.

" Terrorism in Indonesia: Noordin’s Networks,* the latest briefing from the International Crisis Group, examines how Noordin has used personal networks, based around an inner circle of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) members but gradually expanding beyond them, to build a following committed to al-Qaeda style attacks – even though many in JI disapproved. “Noordin may think of himself as JI, but since the 2003 Marriott bombing, he has been running his own show that is seen as a deviant splinter by many in the JI mainstream,” says Sidney Jones, Crisis Group’s South East Asia Project Director in Jakarta."

The website has extensive reports and research on the Jemaah Islamiah; focused more on Indonesia. But provides insight for Philippine leaders on that side of the War versus extremists in the region.

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