Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Malaysia: 12 arrests announced - new terror group named - REPORT

Malaysia busts new terror group that as inked to extremists in the Southern Philippines;

The new splinter group authorities say here in the region had a higher level of education and technology skills as opposed to those in the field.

The group has been called the Asian al qaeda 'geek squad' by sources at the Malaysian counter terrorism center which works with other south east Asian governments in combating the spread of terrorism from extremist groups.

A number of high tech bomb making virtual online schools have been traced to Malaysia and the government there has been attempting to counter with mainstream Islamic schools and websites to counter the violent propaganda of the extremists sects in the region.

Authorities in the region are increasingly alarmed over increased recruiting among disgruntled and anti-western younger highly educated Asian Muslims who see the war on terror as a clash of cultures or religion..

These Arrests also marks one of the few times Malaysian authorities have publicly discussed arrests or successes versus groups seen as linked to Jemaah Islamiah and Al Qaeda.

Malaysia's Sipadan resort kidnapping marked the entry of local extremists in the southern Philippines the Abu Sayyaf on the world stage when they kidnapped 22 people from a resort on the island between Malaysia and the Philippines in the Eastern Malaysian portion of Borneo Island.


Malaysia Star - Terror group busted


KOTA KINABALU: A new terrorist group suspected of planning attacks on several neighbouring countries has been Read more »

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