Saturday, May 06, 2006

Philippines to file charges versus Aragoncillo conspirators

In a move many expected with the admission of in court of Lean Aragoncillo of role in gathering information for plotters in the attempts to depose Philippine President Arroyo in a coup;

The recipients of the information in the Philippines may be facing rebellion charges in the wake of the former FBI officers role in providing possible information the plotters used in planning and laying out their efforts to grab power.

A report from the Philippine Star; which interviewed Estrada in his detention center in Tanay, Rizal by phone where he is under house arrest; reports:

"Former President Joseph Estrada shrugged off yesterday the admission of Leandro Aragoncillo, "Why single me out? I was not the only one who was given copies (by Aragoncillo)," Estrada pointed out. He said the so-called "confidential information" that Aragoncillo forwarded to him; were the same as those received by ParaƱaque City Rep. Roilo Golez, Sen. Aquilino Pimentel Jr. and former Isabela congressman Rodolfo Albano. "But I’m ready to face anyone,"

The Other major daily here in Manila the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported:

" OUSTED PRESIDENT JOSEPH Estrada yesterday denied any role in a US espionage case dealing with alleged theft of classified documents," the Philippine Department of Justice is looking into the court case closely to seel if he was "clean." The Philippine Daily Inquirer reprots on it's website. " Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez said the government would file rebellion charges against Estrada, Sen. Panfilo Lacson and others if there was evidence that the espionage case involving a Filipino-American in the United States was linked to plots to unseat President Macapagal-Arroyo."

"Any case filed here will strengthen the case there,'' Gonzalez told the Daily Inquirer, in reaction to a plea bargain filed in Court by former Federal Bureau of Investigation intelligence analyst and White House Marine Guard Leandro Aragoncillo. "Estrada told the Inquirer the information he got from Aragoncillo was not classified and dealt with matters of public knowledge."

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