Friday, May 12, 2006

‘Killing field’ mass grave uncovered in Northern Mindanao

A mass grave was unearthed south of Cagayan De Oro city in Mindanao a report reaching manila has said.

A investigation team is at the scene of the site. It is still unclear which group may be responcible for the area, Many of these mass graves are unearthed. Some contain victims of purges or execution styled killings.

A number of mass graves unearthed in the past. Most contained the remains of suspected victims of internal strife within the rebel groups- however- in some cases the victims were seen as possible deaths from combat who were hurredly burreid. It is unclaer exactly which group may be responcible for the site.

The Government has dispatched a team of investigators to the area as well as non-government human rights groups. The 40 year insurgency with the Maoist-Marxist New Peoples Army and the Government has been blamed for over 100,000 deaths over the last nealry 40 years.

A team member at the site believes the grave is recent - if this is true it would be a major discovery. However experts caution to wait for the forensics investigation to check on the site which is in a remote wooded area.

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