Friday, May 12, 2006

Indon 'Pirates?' nabbed in cebu - bomb attempt foiled

Indonesian ‘Pirates?’ arrested with dead body in central Philippines

Authorities in the central Philippine city of Cebu have detained several Indonesian men believed by a Police liaison officer of the Indonesian police based in manila to be members of a “sea jacking” operation that sells stolen sea craft in other ASEAN countries.

The men currently in custody after Police happened to see them putting the dead body of a companion into a taxi cab; (death cause still under investigation but seen as ‘natural’)
A report in the regional Sun-Star newspaper says police at first had thought the men to be terrorists possibly from ‘Jemaah Islamiah’ but coordination by local Police with Manila revealed the men to be suspect “sea-jackers”- who were trying to allegedly sell a vessel in the port of Cebu that is reportedly stolen - or ‘sea-jacked.”

The men are most likely to be deported or turned over to Indonesian authorities and repatriated back to Indonesia.

Technically ‘seajacks’ are pirates- but there is difference- pirates steal vessels rob crews and usually kill all aboard or force them into abandoning ship and or jumping the sea..

Seajacks- often times do not use violence- but merely steal a vessel to sell it either by sneaking into a port and taking the ship or fishing vessel - or by signing on as crewmen and later selling the vessel they report as having been ’sunk or lost at sea’

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Meanwhile: some sectors are asking that the Indonesian men be held for further investigation in the wake of a sudden attempt to plant a bomb in a shopping mall in the same city.
Two men believed to be a Abu Sayyaf or Jemaah Islamiah bombers who were shot and killed thursday night in downtown cebu city near a major shopping mall.

The men were stopped by security - when the bag they were carrying had raised suspicion of a securty guard. The two men shot it out with Police both were killed. A SWAT team found two RPG granades and a timing device in a bag they were carrying including butane and other devices.

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