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REPORT: Cotabato lab contents revealed - JI planned Holocaust gas attack in buildings

Several years ago a raid took place in a subdivision in Cotabato City, in the raid a small lab uncovered a small clean room - chemicals lab equipment, manuals and microscopes.

The only glimpse people got of this was the exterior of the building, and a few digital pictures of the material seized. The Philippine National police on the record downplayed the laboratory findings - not wanting to alarm people of just how close the people were to making a bio-terror weapon.

The home allegedly was occupied by Taqfiq Rafiqi, a senior JI figure in Mantiki 3 of the Al qeada linked cell. the 'bomb lab' or trainng school for bomb making - is tied to another man - Javee Ofasario - who was charged with violation of section 17 of the UK anti-terrorism laws.


JI planned Holocaust gas attack in buildings

Natalie O'Brien

May 27, 2006

INDONESIAN terrorists planned to attack Western targets by spreading hydrogen cyanide, a deadly gas used during the Holocaust, through the air-conditioning systems of large buildings. ….[]

So now let's lay out the entire thing for you - connect the dots - The house raided was linked to a man being held in Ulster in the UK for wire transfers sent to suspected JI persons - he had a code name - Moroblade.

His role was never really talked about beyond that - another part of the puzzle involves a man arrested in Japan - who owned a cell phone shop outside the Yokohama Naval base. The last piece of the puzzle a local money transfer agent in Cotabato - he was also arrested as well.the connection the house that was raided where this lab had been- it 'belonged' to the money transfer agent - It had allegedly been rented by the man from Ulster - and lastly he had 'guests' staying in the house- 6 men from Indonesia

What sparked authorities to the group was Moroblade had allegedly been sending regular transfers of cash from ulster alerted authorities - but more too - the amounts were reportedly the same as the funds sent to another man in Ulster - by sources tell me the cell phone shop owner in Yokohama… that man was allegedly was a key figure in Al Qaeda's network in Asia. - Well the documents are released many here have been trying to look at and tell the scary facts are that a version of zyklon B was being develop in the small house and subdivision in Cotabato City.

But what intrigues me further is the status of the case of Moroblade- nothing much has been reported on this for some time. trickles and spurts mostly… a very interesting story… it would seem yet another one only here… and there in bits and peices that trickle out of the woodwork.

Perhaps in a day or two more will be told. At least the story is slowly coming out.

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