Friday, May 26, 2006

Bird Flu: second case of ‘human cluster’ to human transmission reported in Indonesia

Avian influenza – situation in Indonesia – update 14
[]…. The Ministry of Health in Indonesia has confirmed an additional case of human infection with the H5N1 avian influenza virus. The case occurred in a 32-year-old man. He developed symptoms on 15 May and died on 22 May.

The case is part of a family cluster in the Kubu Sembelang village, Karo District, of North Sumatra. The man is the seventh member of an extended family to become infected with the H5N1 virus and the sixth to die. An additional person, who was the first member of the family to fall ill, died of respiratory disease on 4 May. No specimens were taken prior to her burial and the cause of her death cannot be determined. However, as her clinical course was compatible with H5N1 infection, epidemiologists at the outbreak site include this woman as the initial case in the cluster…." []
[]… JAKARTA, May 26 (PNA/Antara) - Two people from one family, who died earlier this week in West Java province, have been tested positive to bird flu virus by a local lab, the Indonesian Health Ministry said here on Thursday. …[]

"They are brother and sister, both are positively infected,"Director of Health and Environmental Health of the Ministry I Nyoman Kandun Kandun.

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