Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Super-sized USA?

I wrote this reply to another blog; which spoke on the possiblilty of plot by some groups to create a new "breakaway southwest 'commie republic' by rebels" in the USA... It is just one of many theories being thrown on the flames to try and stir up more senseless xenophobic retorical passion.
So here's another idea equally outlandish... I wrote in reply... to that post.

How to solve the US Border problem “Erase the borders…” create a Supersized U.S.of N.A.

It is "possible" but unlikely.

Mexico has little control over its own problems and it is highly doubtful they might attempt to take on the USA. The last war with Mexico cost them 1/3 of that country.
I have an idea- utopian as it may be- but worthy of discussion.

There is one solution to the problem of "Immigration" legal or illegal; my simple idea is why not "merge"? Build a United States of North America; ok it's one concept being put forward by some sectors. Formalize NAFTRA into a EU like situation. Have a North American single currency. Have a North American single parliament or congress and labor laws and the like.

The reason the EU economy is booming; albeit also filled with internal problems and strife in places like France. But the free flow of say Polish workers to England has led to a economic boom in the services sector, the same with Sweden, Denmark, and other states in the Union.

It is in Germany and France where tighter migrant workers controls exist as well as Italy where worker access in controlled that their economies are stifled with problems.

If there was a "Union of North America" perhaps there would be less of a illegal immigrant problem since US-like labor laws and wage scales would be forced on Mexico, HMO's would also have to follow Canada’s input which would be its health care system that thinks more about the patient and less about drug companies profits. Mexico and Canada and the US as a economic union would not mean any loss of sovereignty for each nation.

No more problems over Americans in need of less expensive housing could go south into Mexico and retire in peace. Police and Law enforcement would benefit from common laws and common control.

A common social security would mean a more effective solution to is shortfall. In essence; the nest way to secure All of America would be to merge America into a mega-state with common laws and control and taxation. Common laws of entry would make sure terrorism and its force could be held in check. A common security and law enforcement program would eradicate many of the problems each country has with the others fugitives hiding inside their borders.
Reforms needed in Mexico's, The USA's, and Canada's political system could be fixed. No more illegal’s because everyone would be "legal".

Imagine the resources and tax base and development of a combined US-Mexico-Canada; - social security would no longer be problem, the other "Mega States" of Canada, Mexico, and the USA 50 could be a market and economic powerhouse unequaled by Europe, India, China, or, elsewhere. I know this idea will be ridiculed; but put it thought? Could a Super-sized USA be the answer?

Just an idea.- perhaps someday when all these issues are settled might be a solution in calmer times.

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