Monday, May 08, 2006

ABC virus affecting philippine ethics

Am reposting in full an article - I rarely do this - but it is a good read! A virus in need a cure a major need of a cure for what is described as an uncontroled outbreak epidemic level problem.

'ABC' bugging Philippine media
by : Hector Lawas

GOVERNMENT’s repeated assurances notwithstanding, the media industry in the Philippines continues to face the dangers of “anxiety, bribery and corruption” or ABC.

Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz lamented that the Philippine media has no armed forces to protect itself yet has become the declared enemy of those in power and influence.

“Notwithstanding the vindication of media through the relevant unconstitutionality of certain offshoots of 1017, the air is still far from being safe and secure for media to breathe freely and feel easy. There remains an authoritarian threat in the air. And there comes the founded anxiety of media,” he said in his web log.

He said it is not a secret that many media practitioners in the Philippines continue to worry where to get money for food, shelter and clothing.

Such anxiety makes them vulnerable to bribes from persons in power and influence “who gladly pay anyone and anything to stay where they are and enjoy what they have,” he said.

The prelate said said there remains the pervasive curse of corruption in the country that is swallowing up even otherwise honest, fair and just media outlets and practitioners.

“It is amazing how contagious is corruption in the country. In fact, there is already a growing number of young professionals who start early in being corrupt —- which happily, is a marked exception among young idealistic journalists together with their well principled elder media co-workers,” he said.
Peoples Journal
5/9/2006 17:43 PM

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